Saving Calculator

This saving calculator will calculate the total accumulation in a savings account with a regular deposit arrangement. This can be used to find out how long it will take to save your deposit.

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How To Use The Saving Calculator

  1. Enter the initial amount you have saved in the ‘Initial Amount’ section
  2. Enter a deposit amount (how much you plan to deposit regularly over a set period of time) in the ‘Deposit Amount’ section.
  3. Select your deposit frequency, (weekly, fortnightly or monthly)
  4. Enter the interest rate you will receive in the ‘Interest Rate’ section
  5. Enter the number of years you plan to save and keep depositing your deposit amount regularly in the ‘Saving Term’ section
  6. Under the ‘View Your Results’ section there will be a savings graph that will display your total amount, total investment and total interest.
  7. To see how this was calculated click on the ‘Working’ tab at the top of the calculator to see the numbers broken down year by year.